Ohio Home Inspector License

Is your Ohio home inspector licensed?

Senate Bill 255 was signed into law on Jan. 4, 2019, creating the Home Inspector Program, to be headed up by the Department of Commerce’s Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing. Ohio home inspectors must now be licensed. Is your Ohio home inspector licensed?

Affective July 1st, 2021, any person performing a home inspection for a client, for compensation, must be actively licensed with the Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing.

Per: Edward Woodruff, Division Counsel, Ohio Department of Commerce
Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing
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Columbus, Ohio 43215
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John Woodall, Best Choice Home Inspections, is now licensed in Ohio.

Is your Ohio home inspector licensed?
When choosing a home inspection company make sure yours is licensed.

Here is why:

An Ohio licensed home inspector must:

  • Pass a state and federal criminal background check
  • Be covered by a comprehensive or commercial general liability insurance policy
  • Complete a license application and provide proof by signed affidavit that the applicant has met three of the following eight requirements prior to April 5, 2019; Update: The grandfathering period ends on January 10, 2020
  • Completed at least 200 home inspections for compensation from clients;
  • Successfully passed a national home inspector examination within two years from the date an application is submitted to the Division;
  • Actively operated a home inspection business in Ohio for three years;
  • Was employed as a home inspector with a home inspector business for 36 consecutive months;
  • Successfully completed 80 hours of home inspector education;
  • Currently maintains an active home inspector license in a jurisdiction where the requirements to obtain that license are substantially similar to Ohio’s home inspector license requirements;
  • Prepared at least five home inspection reports that have been verified as being compliant with standards adopted by a national home inspector organization;
  • Completed at least one peer review session conducted by a national home inspector organization within one year prior to April 5, 2019.

Is your Ohio home inspector licensed?
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