Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing

Home Inspection Requirements

The Law

Whether you call them the walk & talk, or a partial inspection, consultation, and concierge, the Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing reminds licensees that any visual examination of the readily accessible components of a residential building for a client by a home inspector is a home inspection and must comply with Ohio license law and regulations set out of by the Ohio Home Inspection Board.

Those regulations include Standards of Practice and the Canons of Ethics. The Division reminds licensees of the following: Read More

Why is there Ice in my attic?

Why is there frost in my attic?

In the Midwest winters it’s not uncommon to see ice in the attic on the underside of your roof. This can be alarming. You may wonder, why is there ice in my attic? Frost and ice forms in attics when warm, humid air leaking from inside the home accumulates and condenses on the underside of your roof decking. A little bit of frost forming is not unusual after really low nighttime temperatures. It is not a huge problem if it is able to melt and evaporate so that the wood can dry. However, most homeowners are unaware of this problem until watermarks are seen on the ceiling below the attic. This can create more expensive problems such as mold, insulation replacement and drywall repairs.

The solution is two pronged. Read More