GFCI Quick Reference Guide

Where should GFCI receptacles (outlets) be located in your home?

Below is a quick reference guide for homeowners to know where GFCI receptacles should be located in and around your home.GFCI Quick Reference Guide | Best Choice Home InspectionsReceptacles (outlets) in wet areas pose a shock hazard if not GFCI protected. General guidelines for GFCI-protected receptacles include the following locations:

  • Outdoors (since 1973)
  • Bathrooms (since 1975)
  • Garages (since 1978)
  • Kitchens (since 1987)
  • Crawl spaces and unfinished basements (since 1990)
  • Wet bar sinks (since 1993)
  • Laundry and utility sinks (since 2005)

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