Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces & How They Work

Outdoor wood burning furnaces reduce or eliminate heating bills. You can even heat multiple buildings with one outdoor wood burning furnace. The same furnace can also heat your water for every day use. You can even heat your pool or hot tub with a outdoor wood burning furnace.

How Does An Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Work?

How outdoor wood burning furnaces work is relatively simple. From installation to operation, you can do it yourself or hire a professional. Outdoor furnaces are flexible and will work with any heating system you have. The furnace works by burning wood or coal to heat water. The heated water is circulated through insulated underground pipes to the buildings being heated.

How Does An Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Work?

The insulated underground pipe enters your home and connects to your water heater through a heat exchanger heating all your domestic water. From there it connects to your conventional forced air, in-floor radiant, or indoor boiler heating system and sends the heat around your home. The water is then sent back to the furnace through the insulated pipe to be reheated. All of this controlled by a conventional thermostat. This basic setup can be used to run lines to multiple buildings or zones in you property. If you would like to expand or enhance your current heating system, adding an outdoor wood burning furnace may be an option for you.

Check your state and local ordinances. Hydronic heater emissions are a significant concern in many local areas. Numerous scientific studies report potentially serious adverse health effects from breathing smoke emitted by residential wood combustion. Residential wood smoke contains fine particles, which can affect both the lungs and the heart. In some areas, residential wood smoke can be a significant source of exposure to fine particle pollution. Many local agencies have developed ordinances that ban or restrict the use of hydronic heaters, establish minimum distances to neighbors, and set minimum stack heights. Obviously, outdoor wood burning furnaces are more suited to rural environments.

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